Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today ended a gloriously lousy night of self doubt and a sour reminder of a silly disillusioned vision.

I find myself losing my grip and struggling to grapple the situation with both guilty pleasure and logic. While in the past all we needed for simple communication was pen and paper or a call, what we needed to inscribe floating thoughts have now been heavily bastardized with the invention of temporal communicative convenience in the virtual world. Because it is so convenient we do not think deeply anymore in the way we communicate to others.

Even writing in a blog is losing it's charm while being replaced by third, fourth, fifth, thousandth-hand images or repeated gif symbols. To know a friend better is to visit his or her Facebook page. What have we become, fervent whores of these communicative vices?

I am weeping because I had allowed myself to be thrown into this well of vulnerability and neuroticism, all by just being on the Internet.